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Top Reasons Why Google AdSense Rejected

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Check out the top 12 common mistakes to avoid from google AdSense rejection on your blog.

Due to Website Verification / Your site is not ready to show ads

The first most common reason is failing in website verification. You must verify your ownership by using the HTML code provided in Google AdSense by adding it to Search Console or the ads.txt file.

Due to Bad Traffic

If you have zero traffic, it is not an issue for Google AdSense approval. Even with zero traffic, the blog can get approval from AdSense. But don’t try to create fake or bot traffic. This will lead to penalties for your website from Google’s side.

Due to Low Quality Content or Thin Content

Make your blog posts with unique content around 800 to 1000 words. After Google’s helpful content algorithm updates, the ranking signals have changed, so provide your website with the most valuable and helpful content for users.

Due to Duplicate Content

If Google crawls your website and finds that content was copied and used from already indexed pages (from other sites), Google will think that the website is not providing original content. So AdSense approval from Google’s side will be denied. This will break your website’s trust.

Only one Account per publisher

As per Google AdSense policy, only one account is allowed per publisher. If you have faced issues with an existing account, don’t create a new one; it is recommended to contact Google’s support team.

Due to templated pages

Before sending your website for approval, check whether it has any templated pages from installed WordPress themes.

Poor hosting service

If you have hosted your website with a bad hosting provider, then your site will load too slowly and may have a chance to bounce back from your website. Always host on a good hosting service provider.

Due to Password Protected

If your website has pages enabled with password protection, make them temporarily free. Google AdSense team will check all your pages, and if they face difficulties in navigating to your website, then it may have less chance to get AdSense approval.

Must have pages

Your website should have the following pages:
i) About Us
ii) Contact Us
iii) Disclaimer
iv) Privacy Policy
v) Terms & Conditions

Make Recent Post

Before sending approval for AdSense, check your website for the availability of recently published posts. If you haven’t made any posts recently for the past months, then make at least two quality posts. Because this will increase trust with Google that the website owners are dedicated to making blogs in the future.

Due to Sensitive Content

Google AdSense won’t approve if you are using sensitive content on your website. Avoid 18+, drugs, explosive things in your content; make it informational and understandable to users.

Due to Mis-Navigation

Your site should have a proper navigational menu. Like, you should display the navigational menus on all of your pages. Users should navigate from one page to another (categories, contact, about us, etc.).

Check if your site follows these top criteria to get Google AdSense approval. Comment if you succeed in approval; if not, comment on your issue, and I will reply to your comments.