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Your account wasn’t approved by Google Adsense

You have two different accounts

AdSense policy states that each person can only have one account. If you receive an email indicating that your account cannot be activated due to an existing one, it’s necessary to close the other account first. Refer to Google’s support blog for proper guidance on closing the account effectively.

If someone receives, their accounts were terminated due to violations or fake traffic, opening a new AdSense account might not be allowed. In such cases, reaching out to the support team for assistance is recommended.

Insufficient content

High-quality content is Good for AdSense approval. Your website should feature original and valuable content, avoiding over-reliance on images or videos. Ensure that your content consists of complete sentences and paragraphs, rather than just headings. Also, make sure your site is fully built completed before applying for AdSense. It should not shows your website is still under construction.

Content quality issues

Adhering to AdSense policies is essential to maintain a positive reputation. Avoid posting inappropriate or misleading content. If you’re part of an affiliate program, ensure that your content provides additional value to users. Review Google’s spam policies to avoid any violations.

A well-organized website with clear navigation enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of AdSense approval. If google AdSense team address any navigation issues such as broken links or incomplete pages, they wont approve it. Additionally, avoid getting traffic from spam sources like paid-to-click sites or spam emails.

Unsupported language

If the majority of your website’s content is in a language not supported by AdSense, consider translating it into a supported language before reapplying.

Age Requirements

If you’re under 18, have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense on your behalf.


Adhering to AdSense policies, providing quality content, and ensuring a user-friendly website are key factors for success. By following these guidelines, you improve your chances of approval and provide a better experience for your audience.